Our Ayurveda department is unique in that it integrates the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda with Allopathic systems in a mutually beneficial manner. For instance, often Ayurveda relies on diagnostic facilities like CT scan, X-Ray and other imaging devices before making a diagnosis on arthritic patients. Likewise, women having post-pregnancy difficulties are referred to the Ayurveda centre for rejuvenation and recuperation therapies. 

In this department, Ayurvedic remedies are sought after for several conditions, especially for arthritis and spinal disorders. Panchakarma therapy- the detoxification process- is a comprehensive system of knowledge and practices to purify the body of toxins and restore it to balance with natural law, is administered by a team of highly skilled practitioners. The pre-Menopausal Clinic and Post-Natal Clinic help women in easing their suffering the natural way. Specialized immunity fortification clinics are conducted for children suffering from asthma and constant cold, cough etc. 

Emphasis is placed on adapting a controlled and disciplined lifestyle, in accordance to the laws of nature.

Our highlights

Specialised Treatment for 

  • Arthritic Conditions, slip disc, sciatica, shoulder area
  • Specialized immunity fortification treatments for common ailments like cold, cough and asthmaPre-menopausal clinic/ post natal clinic
  • Treatment for Ovarian cyst and other Ovarian conditions
  •  Infertility treatments
  • Facilities and treatments like Panchakarma, steam bath chamber, vasthi,(Rejuvenation therapies).
  • All ayurvedic treatments like simple massage, steam bath, Pizhichil, Njarangakkizhi, Elakkizhi, Choorna swedanam, Thaila dhara, Katidhara, Sirodhara, Sirovasthi, Kati vasthi, Jalooka Arachanam, & prachanam, Nasyam, Sneha vasthy, kashaya vasthy, vamanamy, Thaspanam, putapakams etc
  • Physical and Mental stress relief Clinic
  • Emphasis on a controlled and disciplined lifestyle 

This expertise is available in our following centres


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