Core Activities

Since its inception in 1979, Lakshmi Hospital has grown to operate in a wide range of activities related to healthcare. Broadly they may be classified into:

Hospital Management Consultancy Services to other Hospitals

Lakshmi shares its expertise with the management of hospitals who seek their consultancy in reviving hospitals which are poorly managed. Ways to tackle such situations of wrong medical judgement, misappropriation of funds, poor inventory management or sourcing and distribution of medical equipments and medicine. Effective management solutions have been provided to MAGJ Hospital (150-bed) at Angamaly and KVMS Hospital (200-bed) at Ponkunnam.

 Our solutions include: 

  • Providing Strategic Management Inputs for day-to-day operations of select specialty Hospitals.
  • Offering Critical & Logistic Support for developing proper management and hospital information systems.
  • Rendering Referral Services, especially in super-specialty areas.
  • Restructuring and Monitoring the existing system of functioning at the client hospital.
  • Providing Financial Management Assessment and Restructuring Services.
  • Architectural Services for Hospital Planning & Restructuring.
  • Strategic Support for National & International Healthcare Market Analysis.
  • Guidance for commencing Nursing Education at Diploma & Graduation Level.
  • Actively supporting Nurses & Healthcare Employees Educational and Training Programs.
  • Conducting External Staff Appraisal Programs
  • Analysing patient & staff satisfaction, among other crucial parameters
  • Offering Community Health Services such as conducting Health Survey & providing Health Education to the masses, whenever required. 

Sourcing and Distribution of Medical Equipments and Medicine 

To help a hospital function in a perfect manner, Medical Equipments and medicines supply is integral. Lakshmi tries to keep the flow unbroken to ensure that the requisite atmosphere and medication for a treatment is assured round the clock 365 days a year. To this end, it sources and distributes to its satellite centres the equipments and medicines as anticipated and required. Lakshmi hospital has a 24 -hour Wholesale Distribution Outlet and 15 Retail Pharmacies functioning round-the-clock providing you with easy access to medicines at all times. In addition to sourcing, other services provide include:

  • Medsanto, the exclusive Biomedical Engineering Department, also undertakes the Servicing of Biomedical Equipments through Annual Maintenance Contracts.
  • Medsanto provides qualified and trained personnel for operating the biomedical equipments. 

Diagnostic and Research Centres 

Lakshmi Hospital has one of the best imaging and diagnostic equipments in this part of the country. Recognized by Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India, the services available at Lakshmi Hospital is utilized by over 180 Hospitals in Government & Private Sectors in South India.


  • We conduct regular quality analysis in collaboration with BARC and Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore (South India)
  • Samples are collected directly at our labs or from concerned hospitals, and results are sent by fax or email.
  • The cold chain concept is stringently applied, wherever necessary, for transporting samples.
  • Our Microbiology Department provides special consultancy services to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections & Cross Infections
  • We conduct quality circles on a need-basis for analysing the clinical and non-clinical activities at concerned hospitals
  • We provide regular Short-term Medical Laboratory Training Programs to personnel of the concerned hospitals
  • We conduct Pre-Employment Medical Checkup
  • Statutory Medical Checkup for Industrial Workers exposed to dangerous/toxic environments
  • We also undertake Screening for Specified Diseases during epidemic-outbreaks 

Healthcare Programs, Medical Camps and Social Work 

In an effort to reach out a larger section of the population, Lakshmi hospital conducts many reach out programmes. Medical camps and awareness sessions are planned from time to time in the neighborhood of Lakshmi hospitals Awareness is one of the first steps towards better health management. The awareness camps try to bring focus on the eating and exercising habits in general. They also draw light on specific symptoms and alarm signals to look out for some of the lesser known diseases and disorders. 

Medical camps in impoverished neighbourhoods are carried out as part of the corporate social intiative. Medical camps are also held in other residential area in collaboration with the residents’ associations. The camp’s main focus is decided according to the conditions prevailing. 

Apart from these, Lakshmi hospital also conducts regular healthcare programmes at the hospital premises. Doctors and health care workers speak at these sessions to guide a particular group, say pregnant women or diabetics, to better health management. Printed handouts are also distributed at these sessions to the participating members.